What if I'm not satisfied with my final product?

Depending on the situation there might be a different solution. If you are not satisfied because you just changed your mind or because of you decided to make changes at the last minute., We're sorry but you will not be receiving a refund. If you aren't satisfied because we failed to meet the requirements of what you've asked for, we'll be more then happy issue you a refund.

How many changes do I have?

We like to keep our clients satisfied so there isn't really a limit to your changes. Please keep in mind just because there isn't a limit to your changes doesn't mean you should ask for a million changes. If you're just trying to change something that is irrelevant from the description of your request., We have every right to refuse or deny the change.

Will I own the rights to the file that was purchased?

Once you've received the file you have full rights to use it for what ever you want except reselling. If want to resell something that was created for from Kingedart, you need to ask us for permission.

How do I receive the files?

All files will be delivered through email. The reason that we chose email as our delivery system is because all files sent through email will automatically be saved as an attachment and you will always have access to it. If you do not have an email we'll kindly ask you to create one & if that's not possible we can arrange something.

How long do I have to wait until completion?

Unfortunately we can't just give out a completion date if we don't have any details on the project. Although most projects usually just take 3-5 days or less.

What happens if I lose the files?

Once you have confirmed that you received the file, We are no longer responsible for anything that happens to it. We sometimes keep copies of past commissions just incase something like this happens. If we do manage to find a copy it will be sent to you with no charge. If we fail to find a copy, there is nothing we can do.